On a cold Night



Awake at three thirty. Very cold again. World Refugee Day but my attention was elsewhere for much of the day. But at three thirty my mind had decided to calculate the income of asylum seekers on bridging visas (80% of dole), surmising the sort of rent they would pay. Not a lot left for food. After food comes bills, clothes, travel fares etc.Not allowed to earn any income and unaware of such practices as dumpster diving, how to get free (suspended) coffees and free food from food banks and charities they really do it tough. So I pictured asylum seekers lying in their beds in freezing cold houses and dressed in overcoats throughout the day. Then I widened the net to include all disadvantaged groups, especially the homeless who are surely even worse off. Sleep didn’t come back to me. Now I sit here at my desk in my overcoat in my cold house, thinking of knitting jumpers and wondering if beanies might be a better plan.

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