Who cares about the Yazidis?



Today I have a convergence of pain at the nape of my neck. I could blame it on a lot of things. Maybe it’s a convergence of a lot of things. Puts me in a grim frame of mind. I have to take care as I don’t trust my perceptions when I’m in this much pain. Life takes on a dull hue, everywhere I turn there is something to feel bleak about, and my own past tends to come at me like a manic bookseller presenting one novel-length chapter after another, each as harrowing as the last.

Frankly, I prefer to dwell on mountains. One particular mountain. A mountain  far far away…

Will someone tell me again the root causes of this new manifestation of horror that is ISIL or ISIS or IS? Would someone care to remind me who funded this mob, who fed them ideas, who armed them?  Hasn’t the engineering of failed states in the Middle East been the foreign policy of America for decades? There must be hundreds of articles to this effect online by now. Here’s one. – http://www.opednews.com/articles/Rise-of-ISIS-West-Saudi-by-GIlbert-Mercier-Al-Qaeda_Iraq_Isil-140809-410.html

And it can’t possibly be just me that is noticing how the US and its allies have chosen a minimalist approach to  abating the carnage in Iraq while inflating the terror threat bubble in their own lands? A bubble that is pumped up whenever the power Elite decide to roll out stronger surveillance and security measures. It appears to me that as far as Obama and Cameron and Abbott are concerned, the very worst outcome of this present brutality in the Middle East is the apparently profoundly grave potential for the radicalisation of western citizenry who have heeded the call to arms. Not, it would seem, the mass murder of Yazidi Kurds.

I’m especially sickened by this latest round of persecutions, the Yazidis persecuted this time not for adhering to a faith conveniently misunderstood by non-believers for the purposes of scapegoating – for the power Elites down the ages have always employed the scapegoat technique – I seriously doubt that ISIS members have the education and sophistication to argue matters theological. The Yazidis simply believe something that is not Islam. Not any Islam. The extreme version, fundamentalist, corrupted. Simple as that.

Who are the Yazidis? I don’t think Mr Superman America cares. I think Mr Superman America cares more about dams and pipelines. And homeland security.

Why is it that my pain in the neck has suddenly worsened?

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