Absolute Power begets Absolute Nutters: Ideas are more dangerous than guns.

imagesI have known since the eighties when I learned of Ronald Reagan’s association with The Rapture that there exists a section of the power Elite who hold dear some whacky ideas. It occurred to me last night that it is entirely possible if not probable that there are prime movers within this Elite who believe in something more sinister still than fundamentalist Christian beliefs in an end-time event and second-coming of The Christ, a ludicrous set of beliefs based on Scripture taken as literal truth.

I surmise that these prime movers ascribe not to religious but esoteric thought. A likely source, adherents to the philosophy of Leo Strauss, whose works are promulgated at the University of Chicago. Adherents to Strauss believe that in the writings of great thinkers there is an overt or exoteric meaning obvious to all, and a more subtle, hidden, esoteric meaning contained within and accessible to an intellectual few. The truth is to be found at this tacit heart of great writing, there to be perceived by the few whose job it is to communicate between each other in a manner that conveys the same duplicity of exoteric and esoteric meanings. (See Sheldon S Wolin’s Democracy Inc for an indepth discussion on Strauss and the nature of America’s power elite.)

The Straussean method in itself armours those of privilege and power with an exclusive mode of thinking. As well, predisposing those adherents towards an esoteric worldview. Esotericism and Power Elites are common bedfellows. One well-known example is that of Hitler’s association with Munich’s Thule Society (however tenuous), and his later adherence to a form of Theosophical thinking, the most contemporary form of Western Esotericism. See Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s ”Hitler’s Priestess.” A pdf can be downloaded here  http://www.fatuma.net/text/SavitriDevi-the%20Hindu-AryanMythandNeo-Nazism.pdf

As part of its esoteric cosmology, it is proposed in Theosophical texts that the dominant root race on the planet today is the fifth or Aryan root race. The fourth root race were the Atlanteans, and it is said that there are among us those with an Atlantean consciousness. The third, scarcely human, was the Lemurian root race. Again, there are said to be Lemurians among us today, animal-humans, desire driven types whose primary concerns are sadism and sex.

Theosophical thinking then goes on to explain that when the Lemurian form was considered too restrictive for the purposes of an overarching spiritual evolution, the race was annihilated in a cataclysm of fire.

A similar situation occurred in the Atlantean root race. It is said that a flood of biblical proportions drowned the race after it was decided by the spiritual overlords of the planet that the Atlanteans had become too greedy, too enamoured with gold and riches.

Who are these spiritual overlords? The so-called Masters of the Wisdom, or Spiritual Hierarchy? According to Theosophy, they are an Elite whose own spiritual evolution is far advanced.

Place into this Theosophical worldview ordinary human beings with exceptionally inflated egos, delusional ambitions and megalomania, along with the propensity for a psychotic adherence to an occult belief system taken as absolute truth and a moral conscience and a capacity for empathy that are  non-existent. These nutters are incapable of seeing anything from another point of view. They are, in fact, the ones whose awareness is constrained, whose spiritual growth is in retrograde, the disconnect between their minds and hearts absolute.

And it is these types who are bringing the entire planet to destruction. They are the warmongers. The earth rapists. The puppet masters.

It seems plausible that these fruit-looped despots actually believe that they themselves, having passed through numerous initiations into an esoteric Elect, ARE the spiritual hierarchy overseeing the spiritual evolution of the planet and all who exist on it. And that just as the Lemurian and Atlantean root races before us faced annihilation because they were purported to be no longer adequate forms of existence for this higher purpose, we the supposed Aryan root race may have been deemed by this Elect similarly inadequate and therefore must face the same termination.

In my view, the entire notion of root races is a falsehood, yet one that carries metaphoric and explanatory power. There is a moral message in the destruction of those who refuse to transcend their selfish desires. However, in the left hand of that which can only be deemed anti-life and therefore evil, all thoughtforms become twisted and inverted and used to justify destructive ends.

I am postulating here, that squatting low in the sticky palm of this left hand, are a high-brow Elect. I make no claim to truth here. This is pure speculation. Entertaining perhaps. Founded on an awareness acquired through doctoral research and my own esoteric bent. I hope with all sincerity that I’m wrong.

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