Saying it with Flowers



Red-Poppy  The Pope now reckons WWIII is already being fought in piecemeal fashion. Well spotted. I agree. It was always going to be fought in the Middle East.

Definition of a world war: A war involving many large nations.

I watched Anzac Girls last night (I fell asleep at the point when Uncle Sam saved the day which when I woke as the credits rolled I thought rather ironic).

Then I thought of where the battles of WWI were fought. I don’t like war and haven’t studied it so I’m hazy. But I suspect if you got some maps and superimposed the countries in battles fought now on top of those back then, you would have a similar geographical area. I understand for example that Iraq and Syria are quite big.

Ukraine is chunky too.

Gaza is a thin strip so we can’t always go by size. We must also factor in devastation.

We must also factor in genocide, ethnic cleansing and the displacement numbers.

Our WWIII is also a war on terror, which isn’t a war at all, but has somehow helped to create this other war.

The in-depth analysis I will leave to others.

I will say it with flowers.


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