Dial up speed and the G20

Ten more days of dial up speed before the start of the new download cycle. Can I endure it? Facebook keeps stuffing up. I can’t follow links to articles unless I’m prepared to wait an age for the page to load. Cheers Telstra for your bargain basement plan only good for those who haven’t gotten past email and to whom the google maps man (aka by boyfriend and much loved touring partner) is as unreal as a flyer saucer. Why ever did I sign up to this measly plan?

Meanwhile, on my PC, two years and a month past warranty, I keep getting the blue screen of death. I feel an imminent technological meltdown and yet I restart and type blithely on, hoping all will be well when I know full well it will not. I’m playing brinkmanship with technology. If it happens before a solution is found I do have a back-up plan. I’ll dust off the dinosaur loaded with XP, trust there is still some life in it.

Meanwhile all the 20s are meeting in Brisbane, Gs and Bs and heaven knows who else, and maybe they’ll talk seriously about hot skies of death, auguring the imminent climate change meltdown. Or will they go blithely on, more concerned with the global economy, setting silly targets and hoping all will be well when they know full well it will not. Noble posturing on the parts of America and China, when no-one can breathe in Bejing, and America is busy blasting more of the Appalachians to smithereens for its filthy filthy coal. As for Australia’s political crowd, they’re in dial-up speed with the miners.

Brinkmanship with a dying PC is one thing. Our leaders are playing brinkmanship with nature. If the meltdown occurs before a solution is found there is no back-up plan. The dinosaurs are dead.


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