The moral descent of Australia’s policy on asylum seekers

I was appalled when I learned of Morrison’s move to restrict asylum seekers in Indonesia from applying to resettle in Australia. Here’s my response, in a piece published in the e-journal On Line Opinion.

”In the place of compassion, empathy and understanding, qualities that make us truly human, the basest of all emotions have anchored themselves in the collective heart…”


3 thoughts on “The moral descent of Australia’s policy on asylum seekers

  1. I read the article, and yes, it really is a crime against humanity.

    Not just in Australia, but in many other countries as well, the government have no compassion. Politicians are only interested in politics, and human rights aren’t important. The refugees are in their way, therefore the refugees must be disposed of any way possible. That is the way of politicians. And they intice the public and turn everyone against the refugees so they can go on torturing them.

    Maybe it’s the nature of politicians to be heartless, not to see human suffering but only to see their political gain. It’s a matter of priorities.

    1. I believe you are right. And the whole dreadful situation is circular too, the same countries with punitive asylum-seeker policies supply the arms and fund the militant groups that create the terror and ethnic cleansing.

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