Stop displacing Indigenous Australians!!!

Signing this Change petition or this Avaaz petition is the very least I can do to show my support for the campaign to stop the eviction of 150 remote indigenous communities.


Many are saying the evictions are about mining and therefore corporate greed. I expect they are. But they are also about a wanton display of power; these evictions justified using the same old neoliberal rhetoric of the ‘taxpayer can’t afford it’ bottom line. Yet we can afford to award Gina Rinehart billions in tax credits. We can afford F35 fight jets and new submarines. We can afford to pay for the outsourcing of myriad government services, lining the pockets of slavering corporations who earn hundreds of $$ for ticking a box on some target outcome form. Yet we cannot afford basic care for those we have assaulted, dispossessed and otherwise abused for generations. The very least we can do is let them live in dignity on their own land.

I’m with you, Blackfulla Revolution. In solidarity.



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