Hockey without a stick? – Can’t be.

So that was Budget night. I fell asleep during the commentary. Consequently awoke at 3.30am thinking about paper airplanes and hidden agendas.

I thought the budget papers would make lots and lots of paper airplanes. Providing valuable entertainment for those at a loose end.

Then I went on to wonder about the corporate tax avoiding hit list and why it is that IT service providers are being targeted. Is it because the government knows it has no chance or every chance of tax wins? Is it because it will be really interesting to see how these corps charge consumers as a result of increased tax expenditure? Is it because they are soft targets and heaven forbid we tax the miners? Is it because these corps are Overseas Corps, and therefore Naughty Corps, unlike Our Corps which of course are Good? I have no idea.

This is what happens when I wake up at 3.30am and don’t go back to sleep.


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