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Are you a dark fiction author searching for ways to promote your book? We are a specialist book tour service provider dedicated to dark fiction. We host tours in crime, thriller and Noir, the entire spectrum of horror, dark science fiction and dark fantasy. 

What Blackthorn Book Tours offers authors

  • We like to keep things simple. We offer a 7 day, 21 stop tour, and a 4 day, 12 stop Weekender tour. Both tour options we aim to fill with reviews and promo posts. Author interviews and guest posts can be included as requested.
  • We charge authors $100 for our 7 day tour and $70 for the Weekender. 

What we require from you:

  • We operate on a standard 3 month lead time, and we need your completed book and book cover at the start of this period.  (By agreement we can sometimes reduce this to 2 months, but this may result in fewer bloggers being secured). 
  • Your author bio, headshot and links must be ready by one month before the tour.
  • We ask authors to share our posts on social media and be interactive during the tour.

What we will do:

  • We will promote your book to our 200+ reviewers and seek their participation in your blog tour, aiming to secure 21 posts during the week of the Tour.  Our bloggers and reviewers are all enthusiastic readers of the genres that we offer, they all have an established track record of reviewing, they are all on the lookout for great books and they are all keen to support good authors.  
  • We will promote your blog tour on social media to start a buzz and to attract additional participants
  • Create a promotional tour banner and a full tour banner
  • Distribute review copies and create a media kit for participants
  • Publicise the tour through social media and circulate all positive reviews via Twitter 
  • Supply author with a list of all posts after the event. 

What we cannot do

  • Although we aim for full reviews, we cannot guarantee that every place on every tour will be filled.  
  • It is rare for reviewers to drop out of tours, but we cannot guarantee that every reviewer who signs up will complete a review. (They are independent contributors to the tours.  Sometimes a blogger may have serious reservations after reading your book, and prefer not to post rather than to post something unfavorable. Occasionally, bloggers also pull out of tours for other reasons). 

Cancellation and Refunds

  • If we cannot secure a minimum of 15 offers to review within two weeks of our first email to bloggers, we will discuss the way forward with you, offering the options of cancelling the tour with a 90% refund, or continuing with whatever number we are able to achieve.
  • If you decide to go ahead we will continue to try to fill the slots, but we will then run the tour with those bloggers who have signed up.

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