Book reviews I have written

Book reviews

I began reviewing novels in 2016. It’s a joyful part of my life. I review for Trip Fiction, Shiny New Books, The Australian Women Writers Challenge and Sisters in Crime. I always look for the positive in a book. I judge not in terms of my personal likes and dislikes, but by trying to engage with the author’s intentions. I cannot and will not compare a great work of literary fiction with an entertaining page turner. It would hardly be fair.

Héctor Abad The Farm (reviewed for Trip Fiction)
Ghada Alatrash Stripped to the Bone: portraits of Syrian women
Melissa Ashley The Birdman’s Wife


Inez Baranay Ghosts Like Us by (originally appearing in Newtown Review of Books, June 2016)
Alan Baxter Crow Shine
Carmel Bendon Grasping at Water
Chris Botragyi Blurred Vision
Kate Braithwaite Charlatan
Liam Brown Wild Life
Catherine Burns The Visitors
Rebecca Burns Artefacts and other stories
Rebecca Burns (with guest writer Shelly Davies) The Settling Earth 


Jaume Cabré Confessions (reviewed for Trip Fiction)
Natalie J. Case Forever
Joe Cawley More Ketchup Than Salsa: Confessions of a Tenerife Barman
Javier Cercas The Imposter (guest review for Trip Fiction)
Javier Cercas Lord of All the Dead (guest review for Trip Fiction)
Shawn Chang Visceral Vices
Steven Chernikeeff The Esoteric Apprentice
Cindy Cipriano Fading (The Fading Series Book 1)
Carlos Colón Sángre: The Color of Dying (Volume 1)
Carlos Colón Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow (Volume II)
Fran Cooper These Dividing Walls
Elizabeth Jane Corbett  The Tides Between  (reviewed for #AWW2017)
James J. Cudney Broken Heart Attack
Shane Jiraiya Cummings and Anthony Ferguson (eds) Midnight Echo (issue 12)


Mary Deal The Ka
Ed Duncan Pigeon Blood Red
Ever Dundas Goblin  (appearing in Shiny New Books, UK)


Umberto Eco The Prague Cemetery


Preston Fassel Our Lady of the Inferno
Richard Flanagan The Narrow Road to the Deep North (reviewed for Shiny New Books 2018)
Jacob Floyd The Pleasure Hunt
Jacob and Jenny Floyd Kentucky’s Haunted Mansions
Elizabeth Foster Esme’s Wish


Laura E. Goodin Mud and Glass (reviewed for AWW 2018)
Kathryn Gossow Cassandra  (reviewed for #AWW2017)
Feind Gottes Essence Asunder
Gerri R. Gray The Amnesia Girl
Gerri R. Gray Graveyard Girls
A.J Griffiths-Jones The Villagers
A.j. Griffiths-Jones The Seasiders


Maggie Hamilton Inside the Secret Life of Fairies
Chris Heffernan Deliria


Michael Kimecki Death Sentences
Simon Kinch Two Sketches of Disjointed Happiness reviewed for Trip Fiction 2019
Tony Knighton Three Hours Past Midnight


K. A. Laity et al The Blood Red Experiment: A Neo-Giallo Anthology
Patricia Leslie A Single Light 
Patricia Leslie Keeper of the Way (Crossing the Line Book 1)
Penelope Lively, Moon Tiger (reviewed for Shiny New Books)
Joan London Gilgamesh
James H Longmore …and Then You Die
James H Longmore The Erotic Odyssey of Colton Forshay


Daniel Marchildon THE WATER OF LIFE (Uisge beatha) 
compiled by P. Mattern, edited by Xtina Marie Demons, Devils and Denizens of Hell: Vol 2,
Paolo Maurensig A Devil Comes to Town (reviewed for Trip Fiction, 2019)
edited by Jason Michel and Craig Douglas The Blood Red Experiment: Violence! Sex! Giallo!
Donna Maria McCarthy Biddy Trott
Donna Maria McCarthy The Hangman’s Hitch
Xtina Marie Darkest Sunlight
Mawson It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost in
Andrew J McKiernan Last Year, When We Were Young
Pamela Morris No Rest For the Wicked
Elizabeth Mundy A Clean Canvas
Kate Murdoch Stone Circle


Guadalupe Nettel After the Winter (reviewed for Trip Fiction 2018)
Rachel Nightingale Harlequin’s Riddle
Rachel Nightingale Columbine’s Tale


Janeen Ann O’Connell No Room for Regret
L.J.M. Owen Mayan Mendacity (reviewed for Sisters in Crime Australia and #AWW2017)
L.J.M. Owen Egyptian Enigma (reviewed for Sisters in Crime Australia and #AWW2018)


Sergio de la Pava Lost Empress (reviewed for Trip Fiction)
Brian L. Porter A Very Mersey Murder (MERSEY MURDER MYSTERIES BOOK 5)
Brian L. Porter The Last Train to Lime Street (Mersey Murder Mysteries Book 6)
Phil Price The Unknown




Merhdad Rafiee Persian Letters
Andy Rausch Bloody Sheets
P.J. Reed The Torcian Chronicles: Defiance
Clare Rhoden The Stars in the Night
Clare Rhoden The Pale
Heather Rose The Museum of Modern Love  (reviewed for #AAW2017)
Arundhati Roy The God of Small Things (reviewed for Shiny New Books, July 2018)
Chris Roy Her Name is Mercie
Andy Rumbold The Last Fiesta   (reviewed for Trip Fiction)
Cyrus Ryan Living on the Inner Edge: A practical esoteric tale


Michelle Saftich PORT OF NO RETURN 
Michelle Saftich Wanderers No More (for #AWW2018)
Joan Sales Winds of the Night (guest review for Trip Fiction)
John Simmons Spanish Crossings (guest review for Trip Fiction)
John Simmons The Good Messenger
Caterina Pascual Söderbaum The Oblique Place (reviewed for Trip Fiction 2019)
Angela Slatter Corpse Light (reviewed for Sisters in Crime and #AWW2018)
Geoff Smith Burning Crowe
K. M. Steele Return to Tamarlin (for #AWW 2018)
Marguerite Steen The Tower
Craig Stewart Worship Me
Brian Stoddart A Greater God (Superintendent Le Fanu Mysteries Book 4)
Elisabeth Storrs Call to Juno (Tales of Ancient Rome Book 3) (reviewed for #AAW2017)
Magda Szabo Katalin Street (reviewed for Trip Fiction 2019)




Bob Van Laerhoven Return to Hiroshima
Juan Gabriel Vásquez The Shape of the Ruins (reviewed for Trip Fiction)


Sandi Wallace On The Job
Sandi Wallace Tell Me Why  (reviewed for #AWW2017)
Sandi Wallace Dead Again (reviewed for Sisters in Crime Australia and #AWW2017)
Anita Waller Captor 
James Watts Them
Jemma Wayne Chains of Sand   (reviewed for Shiny New Books)
Jean Whitred, Spirit Teaches a Simple Seeker
J.P. Willie Blood in the Woods