Book reviews and author interviews

I began reviewing novels in 2015. To request a review, go here.

The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose
These Dividing Walls by Fran Cooper
Interview with James Watts, author of Them.
tell me why by sandi wallace
goblin by ever dundas appearing in shiny new books, UK
our lady of the inferno by preston fassel
The Tower by marguerite Steen
cassandra by kathryn gossow
charlatan by kate braithwaite
THE STREET SWEEPER by elliot perlman
the birdman’s wife by MELISSA ASHLEY
NARZISS AND GOLDMUND by hermann hesse
Wild life by LIAM BROWN
PIA AND THE SKYMAN by sue parritt
Ghosts Like Us by inez baranay, appearing in Newtown Review of Books
 Chains of Sand  By Jemma Wayne
A Single Light by Patricia Leslie
The Settling Earth by Rebecca Burns (with guest writer Shelly Davies)
PORT OF NO RETURN by Michelle Saftich
THE WATER OF LIFE (Uisge beatha) by Daniel Marchildon
Deliria by Chris Heffernan
Gilgamesh by Joan London