Dystopia is here in all but name.

dystopiaThere was a time when I believed wholeheartedly in the possibility that humanity would transcend its divisions and polarities, with all the attendant hatreds and racism and sexism; that consciousness would expand collectively and that we would embrace unity in diversity and be good neighbours within and across borders. That, I suppose, was my utopian phase. Now I consider it delusional. For there can be no disillusionment without a pre-existing illusion and this is precisely how I now feel. That while the narrative of a bright new age of alternative possibilities and ways of living was advanced in certain circles and within universities (Social Ecology, Permaculture just two examples),  and seekers of spiritual growth were out with their shopping baskets shoring up their own egos (authentic spirituality a noble and exceptionally difficult quest along a potholed road – see Chogyam Trungpa’s Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism), a different sort of new age was already drawing a blanket of darkness over the slumbering masses – dystopia.

One aspect of our dystopian reality is war.

It can’t be stated often enough – the  US Empire’s war strategy is to fund some separatist group (foster, create, invigorate, train) to stoke civil war. It is not a new technique. They were doing it in Afghanistan in the 70s and of course further back in Central and South America. I would say that since the end of WWII the US power elite has forged ahead with its own devious expansionist tactics designed to impose its own corporatist agenda (it might even be said that neoliberalism itself is an economic model and an ideology duly harnessed for the same purposes).

Today I rely on an article, written by Bill van Auken for the World Socialist Web Site. http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/07/23/pers-j23.html It was the following quote that prompted today’s blog piece.

”More to the point, the political substance of the charge against Putin—that he is responsible for the disaster [MH17] because he failed to quell the uprising in eastern Ukraine—is far more relevant to the actions of Washington itself. After all, the Obama administration has politically supported, funded and armed Islamist insurgents in Syria, stoking a civil war that has produced human tragedy on a far wider scale, with over 100,000 Syrians dead and an entire country in ruins. It pursued a similar war for regime-change in Libya, backed by NATO bombings, that killed 50,000 Libyans and has yielded similarly catastrophic consequences.
Nor is the same moral standard applied to the US, which supplies Israel with billions of dollars in military aid every year, when it comes to Israel’s mass killing of Palestinians.”

There are no moral standards in dystopia, except when imposed upon outsiders to serve some purpose of the power elite. Which of course leads to blatant hypocrisies such as depicted above.

There are times I wish I could slip on the veil of make believe and exist in a la la land of my own construction. Or turn my back on reality, shrink my awareness until all I see are the simple day to day circumstances of my own life, but I can’t. I can’t focus my awareness solely on fostering positive life-giving alternatives even as I do strive to live an ethical, small footprint life. Instead, I shall continue to go about naming spades. Why? – Because someone has to.

An Assault on the Downing of MH 17




10505548_493119704152891_8326171427034740122_nI had to watch the news last night, on SBS and ABC. And of course I endured the tedious repetition, the over-dwelling on the usual crisis dimensions from the flowers and the tears to the stock phrases of politicians. And I felt sorry for Putin. Not because I am suckered in by his hang dog looks on camera, but because he has been made the fall guy in such a direct and ruthless manner. The West hailing in the process the old Cold War ideology of big bad Russia (with the attendant sub-text of big bad communism).

I abhor hypocrisy. Since when does the West point a finger at itself? Since when does the United Nations condemn it’s nursing mother America for supplying weapons that kill innocents?

There is every chance that MH17 was shot down by the ultra-right wing Ukrainian government. Every chance that this single atrocious act was orchestrated by an inner circle (possibly with ties to Uncle Sam) in order to elevate tensions, justify all manner of sanctions and retaliations, garner support from a wavering Europe and of course further demonise and ostracise Russia.

Last night I knew I was being indoctrinated by mainstream news. Even the matter of access to the crash site, apparently thwarted by separatist militia, was no doubt a construction of circumstances. Mainstream media was on this occasion so unashamedly predatory and melodramatic, squeezing every last drop of  milk from the udder of catastrophe, that I stood up and went to do the dishes.

Peace be upon those two-hundred and ninety-eight who lost their lives and those who are suffering their loss.

Peace be upon the millions of innocents in Iraq, in Syria, in Gaza, in Sudan, in the Congo, in the Central African Republic, their dead and maimed and the families who mourn, peace be upon the displaced and those huddled in border camps, and peace be upon all those who seek a return to their peace…