The Cabin Sessions

I was gripped in horrified fascination by Blackthorn’s subtle story.” – Zoe, Audible

“Enticing and intriguing and entertaining.” – Eddie Generous 

“Blackthorn is a mistress of psychology and atmosphere.” – Rachel Nightingale

nominated for the bram stoker award 2017

About The Cabin Sessions

The Cabin Sessions brims with psychology and atmosphere.

A storm is rolling into the narrow mountain pass when hapless musician Adam Banks stands on the bridge over the river that cleaves the remote village of Burton. The night is already blighted by an astrological omen, and Adam thinks of turning back. Instead, struggling against rising panic, he resolves to fulfil his obligation to perform the guest spot at The Cabin Sessions. He cannot let down his mentor, Benny Muir.

But bad news awaits him. And at least one fellow musician he would rather not meet.

Told from third person viewpoints of Adam and Philip, the town’s plumber, the evening is mapped out in slow eerie detail – that at once manages to evoke Burton’s fanatical cult history while also acting as a harbinger of the disaster to come. In between these two male viewpoints, is the delicate first-person voice of Eva, the breath holder, whose recollections shed an unsettling light on the characters in The Cabin.

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Reviews of The Cabin Sessions

“I was drowning in Blackthorn’s delicious prose…Absolutely brilliant.” – P.L. McMillan

“Building up to a big revelation, the book leaves the reader turning pages as fast as they can” – Bookworldliness 

“a psychological thriller that ensnares you into a web that is dark and scary yet electrifyingly spellbinding.” – Mish Mash Masala

“… Here we have a definite must-read for those that love psychological and suspense thrillers from Blackthorn Book Tours.” – The Horror Report

‘”.. I thought this would be a character driven story where secrets and lies start to unfold, but it was so much more… and I’m still trying to figure out the ending. What a crazy ride…. ” –

“A slow brooding read that builds up the pressure step by step in an atmosphere of almost intolderable claustrophobia, as the dirty secrets of a nowhere town gradually float to the surface. Beautifully composed and written, with an unusual structure: two very different points of view, and one set of acutely strange, disturbing diary entries. What happens? In some ways very little. But in the awkward and anxious silences seismic changes are taking place in the dynamics of this community, and the reader is holding their breath for the outcome.” – Carly Rheilan, Goodreads

“The Cabin Sessions is a must read of anyone who enjoys a good thriller!” – Books and Games

“I don’t normally ready such dark fiction but found myself gripped in horrified fascination by Blackthorn’s subtle storytelling and accomplished prose. This is a must read for all who like to be profoundly disturbed by their reading. Or for others, like me, who are simply keen to see the best of what this genre can hold.” – Elizabeth Jane Corbett

“The Cabin Sessions is mostly a slow-burn literary mystery heavy with dark edges, while dabbling in moments of suspense and horror. I’ve never read anything quite like it, which says something in itself…Enticing and intriguing and entertaining.” – Eddie Generous 

“The author creates a story and unfold it bit by bit while painting a picture that comes alive as you watch. This type of writing is so much more precise and artistic than many of today’s author’s who put out garbage that somehow becomes best sellers. This is the first solid example of a good book that I’ve found that I can reference when I complain to my friends (who don’t read) that I don’t like Stephen King because his writing is so lazy.” – Paul B Estrada

“Isobel has written a dense novel in which every word has been carefully selected and given full value, so it should be respected and read that way! This is a book filled with ‘characters’… and we get to take a peep into their lives and thoughts as the tension rises page by page.” – Ann Creber, book critic

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