The Ghost of Villa Winter

canary islands mysteries series book 4

About The Ghost of Villa Winter

English psychic Clarissa Wilkinson is holidaying in the Canary Islands. Hoping to have an adventure, she boards a tour bus bound for Villa Winter, a secret Nazi base on the idyllic island of Fuerteventura. 

Instead, she discovers a body in a chest and finds herself teamed up with hapless crime writer Richard Parry. What unfolds is an edge of seat mystery brimming with intrigue, as they try to unravel the clues together, and find the killer.

Setting rich with a colorful cast of characters, The Ghost of Villa Winter is a delightfully gripping read with plenty of twists and turns that will appeal to all good mystery lovers.

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An Early Review

Ms Blackthorn has done it again, The Ghost of Villa Winter is one of those books where you think “I’ll just finish this chapter,” and end up reading into the wee hours.

I briefly met the heroine Clarissa in Clarissa’s Warning; in The Ghost of Villa Winter she is completely in charge and the main attraction. She is strong-willed, stubborn might be a better description, a wonderful observer of human nature, a generous soul, and yet often displays her impatience and displeasure at her hapless companion, Richard Parry (who also appears in previous books).

Clarissa’s stubbornness and sometimes unwillingness to compromise puts her and Richard in a life-threatening situation, where she still pushes the boundaries and later has reason to regret some of her decisions.

Ms Blackthorn has a unique way of showing the reader a character’s personality traits, appearance and idiosyncrasies without overwhelming with unnecessary and tedious detail. She also applies this talent when placing the reader in a locale. This book is the fourth in a series of mysteries set in the Canary Islands, and I wanted to hang tightly onto the Kindle when the tour bus rattled down hills along narrow, windy roads, but to take in a deep, relaxing breath when admiring a sunset over the ocean. My nose itched when the calima (dust storm) rolled through the town and surrounds, and I empathised with Richard when he struggled to breathe through it.

I’m not a fan of retelling the blurb or giving away the plot, so I won’t share any of the terrific storyline in detail. Suffice to say that this is as engaging and spell binding as any mystery you will find on any bookshelf.
Highly recommended.

Janeen O’Connell, author of No Room for Regret

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