Articles on Asylum Seekers

Here are the links to my articles on asylum seekers

I wrote these pieces when I was organising home stay holidays for asylum seekers on bridging visas.

Building Bridges: asylum seekers in rural Australia in On Line Opinion 20/10/2014

What’s Driving the Merciless Asylum Seeker Policies in Australia? by Catherine Wilson, March 2015

‘Silencing the lambs: Asylum seekers are a metaphor for our times.’ On Line Opinion, 24/06/2015

Welcome to Australia in On Line Opinion 20/02/2015

The moral descent of Australia’s policy on asylum seekers in On Line Opinion 27/11/2014

Building Bridges: Asylum Seekers in Rural Australia


My other contribution is Nine Months of Summer. I wrote this novel in 2012-13, to help raise awareness of the issue of refugees and asylum seekers, by juxtaposing the lived experience of a British-born holiday visa overstayer with the grim reality of the internment camps and Australia’s dark migration history.