Alice A. Bailey: Life and Legacy

A biography of Alice A. Bailey

About Alice A. Bailey: Life and Legacy

From tragic beginnings as an aristocratic orphan to becoming the mother of the New Age spiritual movement, Alice A. Bailey is one of the modern era’s most misunderstood occult figures.

Bailey’s journey is a story of faith, from orthodox Christian beginnings, through a protracted spiritual crisis, to a newfound belief in Theosophy. A mystic and a seeker, a founder of global spiritual organizations, and a surmounter of adversity, Bailey’s past is rife with injustices, myths, and misconceptions – including that she was an anti-Semite and a racist with a dark agenda.

With scandals and controversies laid bare, Bailey’s extraordinary life is revealed as a powerful, remarkable legacy.

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Alice A. Bailey: Life and Legacy is such an important biography to have been charged with writing. For a couple of decades I have wondered why in a biographical sense Alice Bailey has a shadow existence and Carl Jung has centre stage. Why there are quite a few biographies written of HPB and the Roerichs and Rudolph Steiner. And nothing on Alice other than Sir John Rollo Sinclair’s offering in the 1980s which relies exclusively on Alice Bailey’s The Unfinished Autobiography.

I hope Alice A. Bailey: Life and Legacy not only fills the gap but explains this terrible injustice. I offered a partial explanation in The Unlikely Occultist. The biography goes much further. The two books serve different purposes. The former helps introduce Alice Bailey to those who do not know her. The latter is for the historical record. My mission is to help raise awareness of Alice Bailey and her unique and extraordinary relationship with the Tibetan master Djwhal Khul or DK. And to put some historical context around Alice, who she was and what she set out to achieve. And ultimately, why she deserves to be much more widely known.

I have a long association with Alice Bailey. You can read some of my journey here and here.

“A must-read for any Bailey student, anyone interested in the New Age movement, and for those who wonder, amidst our confused and divided world, where will it all end?” –  Steven Chernikeeff, author of Esoteric Apprentice

Alice Bailey
Alice Bailey at Ascona 1932 Photo courtesy Rose Bates (, edited and colourised by Steven Chernikeeff