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“Straight from the outset, I was enraptured with the beautiful imagery, lush descriptions, and engaging, believable, and likeable characters. But primarily the writing, which is simply gorgeous. The descriptions of place are outstanding and vivid, from the ruin and its mutable weather to the picturesque vistas, the towns with their quaint cafés full of food I could nearly taste, the beaches and lighthouses, and the scenic overlooks fit to give me vertigo, every step took me on a photographic tour. And woven throughout, a colourful tapestry of Fuerteventura’s history – and how past colonialism mirrors the modern influx of tourists and Claire’s own emigration. History, local culture, and fiction dance elegantly across every page. Author Isobel Blackthorn’s personal and professional life experiences – in England and the Canary Islands amongst other places – shine through in her work.

The characters come alive in their details, as Claire builds a connection to her dead mother through her favourite music (Scottish band Cocteau Twins), tries to make inroads with locals, or remains oblivious to a budding romance.Clarissa’s Warning is a classic ghost story where the mystery unrolls slowly, leaving the reader guessing until the end. There’s a centuries-old haunting, hedged gossip, local legends, and vengeful spirits. When the climax does come, it’s page-turning and satisfying.If you’re looking for a fast-paced, grab-you-by-the-arse thriller, this isn’t your book. This is a novel to be read for the writing. It is layered and poetic and I loved it. I’ll be snapping up more of Isobel Blackthorn’s work.” – Lilly Piper, book blogger @LilliPipReads

“I did not have the slightest idea about the book, when I first started to read it. But, once I started, I could not stop reading it. Me being a slow reader, never bothered me in reading this book. It took me only 4 days to complete this wonderful book.

The story is part paranormal and part mystery. The story flows within 6 months after Claire, a middle-aged woman bought an age-old decaying mansion in an Island.

It was such an enjoyable read and there were two aspects that made me really interested in reading.

  1. The history of the past owners of the house
  2. How Claire started to re-build the mansion.

The story plot was crafted in such a way, that it obviously attracts the attention of the reader. It arouses the curiosity of the reader, and keeps them hooked on until the end.

The story also highlights the protagonist, Clair’s complex connections with her parents and her aunt, which ultimately leads to the latter part of the story, where she takes a giant step in solving the problems that she faces.

Strong qualities of a woman is brought into the attention of the reader through the protagonist, Clair, because she definitely is a fighter. Her strong will-power to face life no matter how hard it becomes, shows the power of a woman. Claire’s intention to protect the old mansion and her love for history is yet another aspect that proves her strength and courage.

The book unquestionably has the wow factor that thrills the reader. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading mystery books.” – Hasanthi’s Book World 

“This was the kind of classic slow burn horror story that defines the horror/thriller genre. What starts out as a mission to fulfill a dream turns into a nightmare when Claire must struggle with the distrust of the locals, tales of an ancient curse and mysterious happenings that defy logic. The story flourished under the hopeful eyes of protagonist Claire. Peeling back the layers of this well rounded character, readers will love seeing the complex relationships with her parents, her close knit bond with her aunt Clarissa, the strength of taking a leap of faith and going after her dreams, and the struggle to merge her logical, scientific mind with the supernatural/curse nature of her new home.

The setting really brought this story home however. The Canary Islands take the center stage in this tale, an inspiration from the author’s own travels and mission to bring ancient structures on these islands back to their former glory. Themes of conserving our past, pursuing our passions and bringing the truth to light all shine through in this truly incredible horror thriller.


Overall I loved this tale. The novel soars as a classic story of love, passion and a promise to protect the places that hold our civilization’s history within it. With a heavy focus on character development with light doses of horror and thriller elements, this is a story readers will thoroughly enjoy.” Anthony Avila

“I’d recommend this for a wide variety audience. You need an interest or acceptance of paranormal activity, a curiosity about different cultures and the renovation process, and a love of a good story. Put all those things together and you’ve got a fantastic read that will show you something you probably haven’t experienced — I’m not sure many have met a ghost, to be honest, which makes this an even stronger concept to dive into. Kudos to the author for making it pop and draw me in. ” – James J. Cudney

Clarissa’s Warning is the best sort of read…Isobel Blackthorn has delivered in spades and I will be recommending this to so many of my reader-friends. A very enjoyable read!” Amazon reviewer

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Isobel Blackthorn is an award-winning author of unique and engaging fiction. Isobel holds a PhD from the University of Western Sydney, for her research on the works of Theosophist Alice A. Bailey, the ‘Mother of the New Age’. She is the author of The Unlikely Occultist: a biographical novel of Alice A. Bailey.

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