The Cabin Sessions

Welcome to The Cabin Sessions. Are you ready to be entertained?


Enter the remote and tight knit town of Burton, once a stronghold of the exclusive Kinsfolk cult.  Meet the tormented and strange Eva Stone, submerged in the bath holding her breath. It’s her sport. She’s returned to the family home in Burton to deal with unfinished business. If only she can remember what that is.

Her memory is triggered, her mind flashes back, and she’s a child standing on the riverbank. What she sees rocks her reality and she’s changed forever, as fragment by fragment the dark secrets of the Stone family unfold.

Meanwhile, a crew of Burton’s oddballs have battled their way through a storm to attend The Cabin’s open mic to celebrate Christmas Eve. Eva’s brother and local plumber Philip Stone is there, brooding. He’s had to attend to a leaky sink. What else will be required of him before the night is through?

His neighbour, hapless musician Adam Banks should be looking forward to the night, but fear stirs the moment he opens the door on The Cabin’s incense-choked air.

Eva’s quest to unravel a long buried past culminates in a bone-chilling climax of violence and revelations. The Cabin Sessions is a dark psychological thriller/horror novel at once riveting and complex, the product of a fresh new voice in the genre.