Don’t stop the boats, stop the injustice

I tried to watch Go Back to Where You Came From on SBS last night, but when they got to the border camp in Jordan, where 200 of the 4 million-and-rising refugees fleeing Syria arrive by the day, I welled up. Every time I picture the camps I cry.
Appearing in my newsfeed a little later was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about how the free trade agreement would push up the price of medicines in Australia, posing a threat to our pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS).
What have refugees got to do with the PBS and the free trade agreements (TPPs)? Everything.
In my view, the TPP is a global campaign designed to challenge sovereignty, designed to worsen the wellbeing of all, designed to benefit only the huge corporations. That the Australian government is currently footing a $50 million bill for court costs defending a case brought about by Phillip Morris over plain cigarette packaging should raise the alarm.
Another campaign designed to worsen wellbeing is the cultivated destabilisation of the Middle East. Cultivated through arms supplies, favouring sides, funding, training and general politicking, the result, a series of failed states. It seems a new twist on the Cold War proxy war strategy rolled out the world over wherever a chance presented itself, one that left and continues to leave unimaginable devastation in its wake.
Refugees are expendable. Just as we are expendable.
The global elite really doesn’t care. To the elite, we are less than scum in a bathtub. It’s always been this way.
For my doctoral thesis I studied the works of Theosophist (esotericist) Alice Bailey. 100,000 words and I’m the world’s leading academic authority on her work, for what it’s worth.
I woke this morning thinking about what she has to say about consciousness and how it expands and transforms. Thousands and thousands of words that can be summed up in two – Wake Up!
What she says about Power is more striking. She talks about the way power focuses to a single point. Power centralises itself and thus self-perpetuates, gaining in strength as it advances. Power is the arrow, the finger of an outstretched hand, a gun. Power has no regard for anything except power.
Thus power in human form needs an expanding evolving consciousness that embraces ideas with an open heart. Power in human form needs compassion.
Alice Bailey witnessed both World Wars. She decried the bickering and the squabbles and the infighting and divisions amongst all those who are waking up. She saw the necessity of unity in diversity (her phrase) and she knew that unless we achieve unity, we will never address the problem of power on our planet, power that has always been fundamentally evil (anti-life) – selfish, greedy, corrupt, abusive, destructive and so on.
As the veil lifts and one by one we see this power for what it is, then we must also realise the other sort of power and help it manifest – the power of unity in diversity.
That’s why the sight of refugees in border camps makes me cry.

3 thoughts on “Don’t stop the boats, stop the injustice


    To understand where we are at one needs to look at our type of government.

    Thomas Paine who wrote the Rights of man in the 18th century. He was the key inspirator of the French and American revolutions. Thomas Paine writes that there are only three types of government.
    1) Superstition (tribal)
    2) Power (conqueror)
    3) Common interest of society, and common rights of man. ( democracy)

    Contrary to popular opinion we are not governed by a democracy but by a conquering government.

    Thomas Paine writes The constitution of a country is not the act of its government, but of the people constituting a government. In Australia we operate under the British Crown Act 9th of July 1900.

    Today we don’t have constitutional rights, nor a bill of rights via legislation. Our governments have been increasingly distant and out of touch with the average Australian.
    In this modern world where there exists a myriad ways to communicate, the people are silenced.
    The government has become adept at dividing and dismissing opinion.
    It bullies mandate to govern and forgets that it exists to serve the needs and interests of the people.
    So divided we fall.
    We have a system which has taken away our right of abstention, elects governments who are out of reach, out of touch and out of control, and whose people have no right to hold the reins (sic) or choose its direction.

    This system needs to change.
    It is not right. It is not fair. It is un-Australian.
    Because we don’t have constitutional rights as a people, government can continue to violate people’s natural rights by legislation and regulation and do so. So called “Rights” which most Australians assume we have, such as

    1) right to vote,
    2) right to freedom of speech,
    3) right to assemble,
    4) right of ownership,

    these simply do not exist. We have lived in a gloomy sphere of deception by the crown. It has suited the crowns position to foster this deception. How many Australian students are taught our constitution?

    Essentially none.
    Law students look at it and are primed with deceptive points on common law and implied rights.

    It is simply not good enough that those who say they represent us, carry on in the manner they do, e.g. Speaker Bishop’s helicopter ride to attend party functions paid for by the taxpayer. When in the street of any major town or city of Australia there are, sleeping rough at night, men, women & children, men & women who wore uniforms and defended their country – whether or not you agree with the decision by the government to go to war.

    The secret to an informed populace is education. Education is the key. The powers that be do not want, nor do they welcome, an informed, educated populace…simple as that !

    Whilst many Australians see Tony Abbott in less than a favourable light, lets not confuse symptoms with cause. The truth is Tony Abbott is a product of the system of Government over the people. A continuance of conquering Government where your rights and my rights count for nothing. The truth is that our system of Westminster Government, under the British Crown Act of the 9th July, 1900 is the root cause. Remember this act was set up for the White Australia Policy, a total denial of basic humanitarian rights.

    1. Thank you for your comment Allan. I agree. I also think that to contest the power of the corporations and the wealthy elite, we need to focus on democracy, what’s left of it, and start salvage operations before there’s nothing left.

      1. This time it is indubitably more important than when we marched against the War On Terror in 2003. Education, posters, blog sites….and where is the old Domain where one could get up on a soap box and spruik their politics ? No, the looming TPP, the current parlous state of politics world wide and a reasonable knowledge of modern history shows we are once again heading to the precipice. The oligarchs, (the corporations as you mention) and the over-fed & underworked puppet masters need a wake up call.

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