Book Review: Spirit Teaches a Simple Seeker by Jean Whitred

The reader is invited to witness a struggle within the mind of a simple seeker when her thinking is challenged by a formless intelligence.


My Thoughts

Contained with the pages of this short book are, as the title states, thirty-three lessons of life, in what amounts to a series of short and insightful dialogues between a ‘simple seeker’ and Spirit teacher.  Each lesson presents a charming and ironic reflection on a key aspect of our journey through life, with lessons on loneliness, seeking, awareness and compassion.

The premise of the book is usefully summed up by Whitred with an ‘expansion of awareness can’t possibly develop without an ever-expanding capacity to think.’

Humility shines through the pages of this well-written volume. I enjoyed the inquiry, the open-mindedness, and despite the apparent simplicity, the profundity inherent in the insights. Simple wisdom, yes, perhaps. In all, Spirit Teaches a Simple Seeker: Thirty-three Lessons of Life is a book written to encourage readers to reflect and ponder. An inspirational book that would make an ideal gift.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Spirit Teaches a Simple Seeker by Jean Whitred

  1. Dear Isobel, How can I thank you for your generous review of Spirit Teaches a Simple Seeker – Thirty Three Lessons of Life. It must have seem so far off any usual approach to spirituality and philosophy; two subjects that seem to demand to be interwoven within each other. Any and all fields of science, psychology, religion, whatever, requires a philosophical foundation – a statement of purpose, and yet these seemingly separate fields of enquiry often deny the reality of a philosophical basis. Something within us seems to dired our quest. Spirit tells me that whatever we study, we study because we’ve reached this point in our consciousness evolution/transcendence – a road/path that we’ve chosen, many lifetimes back. And, we’re not alone even when loneliness seems to overwhelm us. Many kindred spirits are with us, and learning the lessons of life, and sharing the ejxperiences of our seemingly unique trials and tribulations. We’re doing it together, only one of us had to volunteer to be contained within a human form. We’re co-creating an integrated human/soul life form civilization. It’s an awesom task and yet, it’s destined to be realized. It’s only a matter of time and energy, faithfully dedicated to a cause much greater than ourselves.

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