Book Review: Cancer Daily Life by Carola Schmidt

About Cancer Daily Life

Cancer Daily Life is a bittersweet collection of single and double-frame strips that only readers who are highly involved with the C world could relate to. It’s sometimes cute and sweet, sometimes acid, sometimes trivial, sometimes funny, just like daily life.

It’s ideal:

*For adolescents and adults age 12 to 100 years old or older

*As a gift for a friend who received a diagnosis of any type of cancer

*As a gift for a friend who will start or is undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy

*When you have a family member or friend aged 12+ coping with cancer, and you don’t know what to say

*When a friend or family member with cancer feels stressed and needs to know they are not alone in this

My Thoughts

A child with cancer: for most of us, our children blessed with health, the idea is too shocking: one would rather not think about it. But of course, for the children concerned, cancer becomes ordinary, their daily life. This little picture book depicts a series of critical points in that daily life, that hurt, have to be tolerated, become ordinary – but does so in a way that remains warm and tender and upbeat. It is a book of charming pictures – just a few words.

The issues it glances at will be familiar to anyone who has suffered cancer treatment – the waiting, the difficult reactions of friends and family, the side effects. It will speak to teenagers who will assume it’s for little kids but read it anyway and find it is also for them. It will speak to the little ones who will find different things in it. It will speak to their parents and family and friends of all ages – and perhaps flag up a few paths not to go down.

I was given access to this little book by Blackthorn Book Tours who are giving copies to clinics around the world where children with cancer are treated without charge. A welcome addition to all their waiting rooms.

You can find your copy of this lovely book here –