Special announcement – Mawson bear reads The Drago Tree!

“Mawson: Lanzarote sounds like a magical place, Captain Angus.
Captain Angus: It’s real, Mawson. Look, pirates went there.”

I am truly honoured that Mawson bear has picked up a copy of The Drago Tree, and he seems to be enjoying it too! Never underestimate the intelligence of a bear! Here’s what he has to say about my book:

“For readers who love layered levels of feeling and thought expressed in fine language, this is your novel.”

Aw, what a kind and thoughtful bear! You can read all of Mawson’s review here on Goodreads

Mawson is so bright, he even manages his own website. It is filled with his ponderings – https://baffledbearbooks.com/home/mawsonbowtie5-for-b3/

Thank you Mawson, for your kinds words. You have made my day.

Both The Drago Tree and Mawson’s book, It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In are available at all good booksellers.