A Tribute to Alex Legg

24762_233684     It is with huge sadness that I write this. Not twenty-four hours have gone by since the passing of consummate songwriter and performer Alex Legg.

This morning I was so moved by all the messages of love and goodwill on facebook  I wrote a short story to contribute to his memory. It’s no more than a vignette. I wanted to capture something of the private Alex, the man I knew so well; his humour and imagination that bubbled continuously behind the scenes. Incredibly, the ABC have published it straight away.  This story is for his son, his siblings, his family and for his ark of fans and friends who leave no room aboard for even a fly.


Follow the link to read it: Alex Legg, born 1952


I was fortunate to spend two sweet years with Alex. I went to all of his gigs and applauded every song. I guess I lived inside his song bag so to speak, and each one grew on me so that now I’m covered in them like a rash.

His music is a feast for the ears and the heart. His lyrics have an aerodynamic quality found in the great master songwriters, such as Paul Simon or Bacharach. Each song is carefully crafted with all the hooks and sweet melodies of truly great pop. He wrote in many genres: blues, folk, country, pop. He will be dearly missed but his music will live on.  Here he is playing I’m Down at Camelot, Sydney.

Alex was a passionate man. We shared a take on the world and all its flaws. His views came out in songs.   You Gotta Laugh Sometimes

And here’s one of my favourites. Some Old Junk Shop

Photographer and artist Marg Thompson has created this tribute to Alex – Thanks for Everything

Rest in Peace my friend.             Me and Alex

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